We can add any dessert/ savory platter combinations you heart desires as well as Wedding Cakes made from scratch by very talented designer of over 30 years!

~Per person...

*Artisan cheese platter  5.
*Fresh fruit platter 5.
*Butter cream cupcakes 3. +up
*Handmade Ice pops 4.
*Home~made Ice Cream 2.+up

                               Wide variety of home~made Artisan Breads and sandwiches

                                    8 inch 2 layer cake with fresh flowers 20.00 (serves 12-15)

                                 Chocolate dipped fresh strawberries(when in season) 1.25 each

                                                     Cupcakes starting at 3.00 per person

                                              8 inch 2 layer cakes with fresh flowers 20.00
                                                                 Serves 12 to 15

                                           Cut out cookies 3.00 each (2 dozen minumum)

                                                                Cupcakes 3.00 each

                                                       Bars 2.75 per serving, any variety

                                Cutout decorated cookies 3.00 each...2 dozen minumum order

                                                                   2.00 per serving

Cupcakes 3.00 each

                                        Mini cupcakes  1.25 each  2 dozen minumum order

                                                  Sculptured for pricing

                                                               Cookies 10.00 per dozen

                                       Stiletto cupcakes 10.00 per pair  5 pair minumum order

                       Bride/ groom dipped strawberries 5.00 per couple... min order 10 couples

                                                        Bridal gown cupcake cake

                                                       Pink Fairy Dust Glitter Popcorn

                                                               Pink Rose Cupcakes

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